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Building Competitive Spirit for Success


Career :
A competitive spirit and a desire to achieve, will effect your success in business. Competitive people may make a larger number of sales than peers, work longer hours, encourage creative ideas, and develop quality products and services, which will impress bosses, and show a desire for a company’s well being and success. Organizations need these qualities in employees to be competitive in a market. Additionally, the likelihood for career advancement is greater for those who possess these qualities.

Respect :
Possessing leaderships skills and a competitive spirit, reveals to co-workers, bosses, friends, acquaintances and teachers that you have a zest for life. Hard work will gain you respect whether in sporting events, fundraisers, work competitions, school etc. Likewise, studying more and practicing harder, comes from an urge to do well and succeed. You may find that inspiring others is also an advantage of a competitive spirit. You hard work and successes may encourage others to be more competitive.

Self Worth :
Working hard toward personal and career goals can provide a person with a feeling of self-worth. Generally, competitive people aren’t afraid to try new things which can lead to exciting opportunities that other less competitive people may not encounter. Likewise, the journey to achievement, working toward a goal, enhances moods and can fight depression.


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